Sound advice for dangerous times: Safety tips for preppers who want to survive in a post-SHTF world

Preppers don’t take a break from their lifestyle. Even when things are quiet and peaceful, a prepper knows that it can go bad without warning. (h/t to

To help your family survive in a post-SHTF world, make necessary preparations like the ones detailed below.

Stay away from large crowds during times of social unrest.

When SHTF, unprepared people may resort to looting. You won’t have any problems at all if you start stocking up on necessities while times are quiet.

If times are tense, it is wise to avoid large, crowded areas like malls.

Stay informed.

Monitor the news so you have the information you need before deciding if the whole family should bug in or if you all need to bug out.

Listen to reports on any local situations that may turn into full-blown riots. Identify danger zones in your area and avoid them even before SHTF.

If a crisis is ongoing, tune in on the news. Make sure you have a battery-operated or hand-crank radio so you can stay informed even if you lose power.

Desperation can make people resort to unthinkable acts.

When times are tense, people are not focused on what is going on around them as much. Stressed people can cause accidents on the road, and you might encounter more people who are drunk or high.

Avoid these unpredictable individuals by staying at home and waiting until things quiet down. (Related: Tips for the beginning prepper.)

Mind your own business and keep quiet.

You can’t reason with everyone. Live your life however you want, be considerate, but don’t expect everyone to like you. Not everyone understands the prepping lifestyle, but as long as you aren’t inconveniencing anyone, do as you please and prep all you want.

Stop posting photos of your gear and supplies on social media. You might as well stand on the corner of your street and tell strangers where to find your well-stocked pantry and valuables.

Instruct family members to keep your emergency plans and survival prep a secret to avoid attacks from looters after SHTF.

Don’t go on unnecessary trips for supplies.

When SHTF, you can’t waste fuel and money if you only need a couple of items at home. Plan trips to town ahead of time, and make a list of anything you need to buy so you don’t waste your time and money by going on frequent trips.

When you do go on a trip, buy essentials like grains or other food items in bulk. Scheduling trips also limit your exposure to distracted drivers who could cause car accidents.

By planning trips ahead of time, you also limit the wear and tear on your car.

Think of alternate routes to and from school and work.

This is crucial, especially if you have kids who still go to school. Before SHTF, inform your family of alternate routes that they can take when things go bad.

Even if a particular route takes longer during quiet times, it may be faster if you are dealing with a disaster scenario.

Don’t use public transport during tense times.

In the early stages of a survival scenario, people will panic. If they’re not prepared, their first instinct will be to flee using public transport.

Disaster shelters may seem like a good idea, but consider this: when SHTF, do you want to be stuck in an unfamiliar place with strangers desperate for food and shelter, or do you want to have access to supplies in your own home?

Even if you bug-out, you should prepare ahead of time so your bug-out location is stocked with supplies that you will need if you have to evacuate.

It’s better to be overprepared when a disaster scenario occurs instead of being caught unaware when SHTF.

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