Most preppers forget to prepare for these other life-threatening situations

Preppers know that preparation is the key to surviving any disaster. Unfortunately, there are certain situations that even the most experienced preppers may fail to take into account and, thus, be unprepared for. Here are some of these situations and what you can do so you’re not caught off-guard. (h/t to

Looters imitating the police

SHTF events attract a lot of looters, burglars, and mobs who want to get their hands on other people’s hard-earned possessions. As if that wasn’t bad enough, these crooks are ready to injure and even kill others just so they can have their way. A responsible prepper knows it’s important to be prepared for these people by investing in guns, ammo, and other defensive measures.

However, looters can employ creative strategies, too. In times of chaos, police officers are looked upon as guardians of order. Looters can easily wear convincing uniforms and pass themselves off as helpful police officers, only to victimize anyone who trusts them. The best way to prepare against this is to never let your guard down, even in front of police officers.

The government confiscates your guns

As in the days following Hurricane Katrina, the government may unexpectedly require you to surrender your guns or forcibly confiscate them without due process. If this happens, your ability to defend yourself and your family from looters will be greatly impaired. If you have guns you bought privately or ones that were handed down to you, there is a good chance the government won’t know about these. You can be creative about hiding them by putting them in places the authorities wouldn’t suspect.

The lack of sanitation makes you sick

In SHTF situations, sanitation services are most likely not going to stay operational. This means your surroundings will most likely be dirty, increasing your risk of becoming sick. It is important to have adequate sanitation supplies on hand, as well as enough water for hygiene, to ensure that you stay away from disease.

If you’re looking for a versatile, effective, and natural way to sanitize, you can’t go wrong with apple cider vinegar. It can be used to clean your body, disinfect wounds, clean your home, or wash your fruits, among many others. You can even use it to flavor or preserve your food.

You get hit by a stray bullet

SHTF situations can quickly become worse by turning your neighborhood into a war zone. Whether you stay in or out of your home, you run the risk of getting hit by stray bullets. Minimize this risk by investing in sandbags with which to barricade your windows and replacing your wooden doors with steel ones.

You can’t find food in the wild

If you are thinking of living off of wild edibles when SHTF, you run the risk of running out of food soon. There are others who think bugging out is a good idea and soon enough, you’ll be competing with them for resources. To avert such a situation, it’s better stockpile and grow your own food instead. (Related: Prepper 101: How to find the perfect stash spot on your property.)

A landowner shoots you

If you do decide to forage and live off of your environment, you need to remember that these days, it’s rare for vacant lots to have no owner. When SHTF, landowners would want to protect their property and everything that’s in there. They would want to keep people out, even you. If bugging out really is your only option, you can stay in places like campgrounds, abandoned towns, national parks, and others, depending on the situation.

You end up alone

You’re probably aware of the adage “No man is an island.” That can’t be truer than when SHTF. It’s tempting to live independently from others, but doing so is hard. You’ll have to juggle multiple responsibilities, such as protecting your area, preparing food, sleeping, and other essential tasks. You will need to work with others you can trust to increase your chances of survival and even improve your quality of life.

Others turn on you

Desperation during SHTF situations can bring out the worst in people. If you are the only prepper in your neighborhood, there is a good chance you’ll be the most well-off in terms of stockpiled resources should a disaster hit. If word of this spreads, there is a risk of your neighbors turning on you and using force to take your possessions. Prevent this by either keeping your being a prepper a secret or coordinating with your neighbors on how to effectively share resources and manpower.

You suffer a mental breakdown

A lot of people, preppers included, overestimate how tough they can be until SHTF. Practice ways to keep yourself calm in the face of disaster. Doing so may not seem like much now, but they may save you from committing mistakes that can cost you your life in the future.

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