PRAYERS for all the people (and animals) impacted by the raging California firestorm… (prepper skills put to the test)

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the people impacted by the Los Angeles firestorm that has now expanded to over 180 square miles.

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed by the fires, and tens of thousands of people have been displaced. We also understand that many animals have been injured or killed by the blaze, including many thoroughbred horses.

We want all Californians to know that all of us here at Natural News and associated websites are praying for your safety and presence of mind through this ordeal. We know that our readers tend to be extremely well prepared for almost any event, and if there were ever a time for testing your prepper skills, this is it. We have faith that our friends and readers are going well through this ordeal, and we know you have the mindset to save lives and rebuild after the smoke clears.

This firestorm is one of the worst that California has seen for many years, and it’s an unfortunate fact of our planet that botanical fuel burns on a regular basis. Forest fires and brush fires have taken place on our planet for literally billions of years, long before humankind ever existed. Due to the flammability of dry grass and twigs — plus the addition of lightning and wind — fires will continue to rage across our planet with regularity.

The devastation to human life, however, is made no less tragic by the fact that fires are natural phenomena. Wherever we make our homes, when those homes are threatened or destroyed, it is psychologically devastating to us all.

Even when we are prepared for such events, they are still devastating. That’s why today I hope to remind all those impacted by these fires that the most important thing is you making it out alive. Everything else can be replaced, but your life is irreplaceable. Save yourself, your family members and your animals. All the “stuff” in your house or garage is secondary.

These events are powerful reminders, too, that our world can dramatically change in an instant. To survive what’s coming — in all forms — we must remain resilient and determined to face the challenges ahead. It isn’t easy, and some events can feel traumatic at times, but we are all blessed with the ability to overcome adversity and rebuild. To all those directly impacted by the L.A. fires, I urge you to focus on the value of what you have: Your life, your safety and a wealth of support from your community.

Know that even as physical things may go up in flames, the deeper spiritual truth of who you are and what you contribute to this world is 100% fireproof and cannot be destroyed with physical flames. That’s why YOU making it through events like these is the most important outcome that matters.

From all of us at Natural News and our associated websites, we send our prayers and thoughts to all those impacted by the Los Angeles fires. Be safe and deploy your bugout plans. The fires will eventually burn out and life will be restored. You will make it through this and you’ll probably discover yourself to be stronger, wiser and more resilient as a result of all this. There’s a silver lining to ever catastrophe. It’s not for me to say, but perhaps God wants you to have a small taste of the far bigger disaster that’s yet to come for us all.

Be safe, and stay informed on survival and preparedness wisdom at our website

– Mike Adams

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